The World with different resolutions

On a new years eve, We planned to go some where near a beach where people oftenly come to celebrate, opening of a  brand new year, well
I didn't want to be part of that plan as I was far away from the place I used to celebrate  previous some new year's celebration so wasn't much excited to take part on that particular eve, but somehow managed to cope up with them and went along with the party.
                                    when we reached to that beach we found a group of people gathered around so we planed to go there and take some rest, there was this Bone-fire thing  where people gathered along in a circle and joined with the new year celebrations, with people
(Mostly russians)so enthusiast that they tuned up with any of the song which used to play along the beach, well me being
with the gang managed not to get over-enthusiast but rather stay in with a blanket muffled around and enjoy the breeze and swing along with energitic vibes around during that particular night.
                                            While I was swinging in with the vibes in the air, I noticed some people continuously staring a couple who was far away from the bonefire. Well it was kind of annoying and as it is, I ignored that part later around the time of new year homecoming diagonally opposite to me where i was sitting, I noticed a lady mourning looking towards that couple who somehow managed not to listen to any of the things around.At that moment I thought. "Can that be the mother of one of that person(girl/boy in that couple), or is it a lady who must have been ditched by that boy(In that couple) ?". While thinking of all of these stuff I looked at those guys and well those guys were by default
                                            Looking at that couple and passing comments side by side, I was pity with the whole scenario which made me feel how terrible can this be? One side  a lady mourning continuously at that couple and on the other side those guys staring at those couples, and me sitting in the center of that whole scenario thinking about how complex life is. Later on I noticed those couple weren't intimate , rather what i was looking at was really shocking those guys(The couple) were looking into each others eyes and one of them(the boy)  was trying to convince the girl about something, now what was that all about i didn't have any notion, then suddenly that lady(The one who was sitting diagonally opposite to me) ran towards those couple and hugged them.Well it turns out that the lady (The one who was sitting diagonally opposite to me) was the mother of that girl ,and that boy whom i assumed if the boy friend of that girl(In that couple) is the brother who was trying to convince her sister to talk to her mother (Might be some Disputes among them.) and they left happily, well this whole scenario made me feel how wrong we are in our life's where we fail to look to things the manner we should be looking at, rather we tend to look into it on a different perspective and try to take it according to our will.Not thinking what it can be in actual case, then suddenly I heard screams around me, those screams where the people around that bone fire wishing each other happy new year I did it to myself to hoping that this pre new year lesson will help me cope ahead and well this was what I learnt from that pre new year and was a remarkable one to remember for life.


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