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Big Thank You...

People tend to change both by mind as well as nature well it's the nature's pretty well observed thing which we all are meant to get into the state of follow,these above phrase made me think that is it that all aren't the same as the years passes by ?  I observed that some of them didn't change  even though many of the circumstance's hit through their paths and i consider you all as those never changing people who would stick to their decision's as such.As the year goes by the day , and as a new year is going to get proclaimed in a short span of time ,i would like to thank all the people who meant to me at some point in this year as a well known friend a comforter or a well understanding person who would defuse my flaws and tell me not to be the same person or one who taught me that life isn't all about being serious rather than being a person who loves taking selfies and uploading it on a social networking sites(No matter how shaggy it is, Hehe) or the on