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Life an unsorted ticket

I always assume my life to be weird in a perspective of being one of that person who wants everything to go in his way always but not able to achieve that in a order that i didn't put in my effort in a sense that i wasn't ever able to satisfy myself with my dreams, one gets into extinct another comes into being as such.Well  having everything and getting everything into a success rate is one of the most crucial things to achieve as it depends upon a potential that one needs to get with, in order to get that particular thing in a done done mode.                                                                                   Following a proper plan may come into a good practice and may help in getting some of your things done as such. Well it depends on your enviornment , your habits and many other facts which can add as a success points for achieving that particular goal, like in a sense i create a sticky pad(A sticky pad is basically the one which we use to write some impor