Taking life to an unknown way..

Well talking about myself, i used to take into  consideration that i have known my life to much extend as to  what  are the pro's and con's i dwell with and what my life means to me as such.Well it's not the way which makes me realize that what my life is actually.There may be other purpose of life too when taking into consideration where you live and what people take into consideration about you as such.
                                                   Well it may add a new meaning to  life for as to what you are capable of,  and what thy one is capable of not doing the things in the manner people want you to do as such..
                                                  It's a long dwelling thing which hardly gets into perception of as to how one can look towards life in an unlikely way which is in a manner not so familiar to the daily experiencing things as such,well one needs to explore as to what are the other unlikely things which may bring or at least raise a question as to what are the reasons for me to get involved into the circumstances which might be  unlikely to know from the point viewed as a circumstances of others. So make a twist and explore things in right manner as to what other changes can thy life get into,and what other pro's and con's one dwells with apart from  the ongoing lifely experiences as such.


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